Mental Health. It’s a topic that we are all familiar with, but a topic that is still shushed. I have always had an interest in the psyche. Why we do the things we do. Why we feel the way we feel. What shapes us and how our choices can change our paths so drastically. All of us have been touched by mental health issues. Family. Friends. 1 out of 4 people have a mental health diagnosis. But mental health goes beyond just having a diagnosis. It’s about being mindful, being content with feelings and choices, reducing stress and finding joy in everyday life. It’s about making healthy decisions.  Rudy and I have discussed for some time what can we offer, or what can we change, to promote mental health in the community. How can we offer more services that will help promote psychological health? Services that go beyond the office and focusing on the diagnosis. So we thought about animals. Animals have a healing component. How can we integrate animals into the counseling arena? Horses. Big, powerful, intimidating creatures. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.
 We researched several models of this type and found PATH Intl. How cool it is to be able to provide therapy in the arena using a horse as a partner? We saw how quickly change occurred in the therapy process. We saw how people who normally may have difficulties establishing a therapeutic relationship bond with a horse. We saw how patient and non-judgmental the horses were to the people. This is what we wanted to be able to offer to our community. This was hope that we can promote mental health in a different way.  Rudy and I both became PATH Intl. certified Equine Specialists in Mental Health. We will partner together, and with a horse, to provide mental health treatment. My role as a psychologist will not change much. Just the setting of treatment will be different. Our arena will be a place of psychological well-being. A place of change.
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