Bueller? Bueller?

It’s been awhile. Since the last post we’ve been busy with Thanksgiving, 1st birthdays, and Christmas. It was the first year having the boys at home during the holidays and we took advantage of it. We enjoyed being in the moment with the twins and watching them meet some major developmental milestones over the last few months. Time really does go by fast.

Now that we are back in our routine we are refocusing back to KC Creek and getting this program up and running. We have added to our animal family and will be incorporating Jethro the Donkey and Johnny the Goat as part of the therapeutic process. Who doesn’t like playing with goats?!?

Our site pad is ready for the barn. We’ve done our first few equine assisted psychotherapy sessions. The horses are excited to be interacting with others. They truly are healing animals. We are beyond excited to bring this form of psychotherapy to the community. Contact us today to schedule your therapy sessions.

Saluting Our Veterans

Veterans. The people who have fought for our country. The people who have sacrificed. The people we will honor for their choices to protect our nation and our values.

We are partnering with TriWest to provide services at low cost or no cost to our veterans. TriWest will also partner to allow a veteran’s family members to receive treatment at low costs. How exciting to give back to those who have given so much!

Our heart holds a special place for those who have served. A veteran may leave a war, but the war may never leave a veteran. My grandfather was a WWII veteran, POW, and Purple Heart recipient. He didn’t talk much about these experiences as this was his way of coping with his trauma. With horses you don’t have to talk and recount traumatizing situations. You just have to be present to heal. You get to listen as the horse speaks to you.

Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) has benefits to our veterans. The military culture is one that is hands on. Training is about doing; about experiences. EAP follows this experiential type of learning and treatment. It is about being active in the therapy session. EAP helps our soldiers cope with their military experiences and establish relationships with family and social supports.

Stay tuned as we finalize these contracts. If you are a veteran and feel EAP can benefit your psychological well-being, we can contact your representative listed on your TriWest Choice card to authorize services beginning this fall.

A Year of New

And what a year of new it has been. Welcome! KC Creek Equestrian will have it's grand opening in the Fall of 2018. We can't be more excited for this sister clinic to Morgan Counseling and Assessment LLC to open. We are taking therapy sessions outside of the office and partnering with equines to advance treatment options and improve psychological well-being through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

I'm Dr. Laci Morgan. A clinical psychologist in East Texas. My husband is Rudy Morgan. An Equine Specialist in Mental Health. For a couple of years we have been talking about ways to offer more services to the community. We both have a love for outside and for animals. How can we integrate these things with mental health? We learned about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and it's growth in the mental health field as a treatment option for individuals, groups, children, geriatrics, veterans. Really it's beneficial to just about anybody. And it's focus isn't always on the diagnosis. It's about relationships, communication, self-esteem, being mindful. It's about psychological well-being. 

A year of new. We moved to a new home. We welcomed (quite unexpectedly) twin boys. We've expanded Morgan Counseling and Assessment. We are opening KC Creek Equestrian. We are stepping out into the world of blogging. New can be scary. New normally means a change. And change can lead to amazing things. One day or day one. You decide.