Saluting Our Veterans

Veterans. The people who have fought for our country. The people who have sacrificed. The people we will honor for their choices to protect our nation and our values.

We are partnering with TriWest to provide services at low cost or no cost to our veterans. TriWest will also partner to allow a veteran’s family members to receive treatment at low costs. How exciting to give back to those who have given so much!

Our heart holds a special place for those who have served. A veteran may leave a war, but the war may never leave a veteran. My grandfather was a WWII veteran, POW, and Purple Heart recipient. He didn’t talk much about these experiences as this was his way of coping with his trauma. With horses you don’t have to talk and recount traumatizing situations. You just have to be present to heal. You get to listen as the horse speaks to you.

Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) has benefits to our veterans. The military culture is one that is hands on. Training is about doing; about experiences. EAP follows this experiential type of learning and treatment. It is about being active in the therapy session. EAP helps our soldiers cope with their military experiences and establish relationships with family and social supports.

Stay tuned as we finalize these contracts. If you are a veteran and feel EAP can benefit your psychological well-being, we can contact your representative listed on your TriWest Choice card to authorize services beginning this fall.