A Year of New

And what a year of new it has been. Welcome! KC Creek Equestrian will have it's grand opening in the Fall of 2018. We can't be more excited for this sister clinic to Morgan Counseling and Assessment LLC to open. We are taking therapy sessions outside of the office and partnering with equines to advance treatment options and improve psychological well-being through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. 

I'm Dr. Laci Morgan. A clinical psychologist in East Texas. My husband is Rudy Morgan. An Equine Specialist in Mental Health. For a couple of years we have been talking about ways to offer more services to the community. We both have a love for outside and for animals. How can we integrate these things with mental health? We learned about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and it's growth in the mental health field as a treatment option for individuals, groups, children, geriatrics, veterans. Really it's beneficial to just about anybody. And it's focus isn't always on the diagnosis. It's about relationships, communication, self-esteem, being mindful. It's about psychological well-being. 

A year of new. We moved to a new home. We welcomed (quite unexpectedly) twin boys. We've expanded Morgan Counseling and Assessment. We are opening KC Creek Equestrian. We are stepping out into the world of blogging. New can be scary. New normally means a change. And change can lead to amazing things. One day or day one. You decide.